Why does my computer slow down?


Virus and Spyware – this is the biggest reason why computers slow down and most of the time you won’t even know you’re infected.
Hard drive space – lack of available disk space slows your PC.
Software Problems – programs may have been installed and then uninstalled leaving behind unnecessary files.
Data Corruption – data corruption with in the computer system can give the impression the PC is slow.
Overheating – Computers overheat because they tend to suck in a lot of dust which coats various components reducing the efficiency of the cooling system
Corrupt File System – every computer has a file system and if it has issues your computer slows down.
Bad Hardware – it may be faulty or simply configured itself incorrectly but bad hardware can slow your computer.

These processes happen gradually over a period of time so you don’t always notice but with our services, we can breathe new life into your PC.


     - Optimise the Startup process
     - Remove unnecessary applications
     - Perform all available Windows updates
     - Clear out all temporary files
     - Full spyware/malware/virus scan
     - Security software installed if none present
     - Clean up the registry settings
     - Defragment hard drives
     - General Windows Tune up
     - Unit cleaned inside and out
     - Test for proper functionality




     - Secure wipe of all data on hard drives
     - Destruction of physical hard drive (if required)
     - Recycle computer (if required)



 - Removal of any virus, spyware, malware and rootkits
 - Repair any operating system issues and test for proper functionality
 - Perform critical system updates
 - Apply system modifications
 - Install new anti-virus software
 - Install malware protection
 - Clean registry and temporary files
 - Test for proper functionality




 - Reset to factory defaults
 - Re-install Operating System
 - Install software packages
 - Install malware protection